Review The Counselor

02. December 2013 Movies 0
<em>Review</em> The Counselor
Boooooo. Booohooo! I mean, yes! Finally Ridley Scott is going back to it’s roots: great movies, awesome characters and real human chemistry between the actors. Just like he did with Prometheus… No. Lately there is this trend where great directors take a handfull of actors, good actors, and it just implodes (RED comes to mind). ...

Review The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

17. November 2013 Movies 2
<em>Review</em> The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
I… I don’t get it You have a set of great actors, a good setting for a comedy and it fails… terribly. The story starts good, but then it falls short. There’s Steve Carell, who can almost do no wrong after The Office, and yet he does. The character Burt Wonderstone is just no good, ...